Happy Birthday to us!

Wow, so we have been open a whole year!


People ask me if it is as I had envisaged. Honest answer…I’m not sure I ever thought this far down the line. But what a year it’s been! Crazy hard work but oh so much fun. We have laughed and giggled on a daily basis and who’d have envisaged the large number of friends we’ve made from customers, suppliers and other traders.


We’ve worked hard to keep improving and hopefully we are doing something right as lots of you keep coming back. We still want to get better though and there is plenty more planned for the shop’s second year. I hope to use this blog to keep you abreast of these developments and hopefully entertained by general goings on at, and thoughts from, the Larder so stay tuned.


For now though I just want to take this opportunity to offer a huge thank you to everyone that has helped the new Urban Larder negotiate its first year; friends, family, suppliers, the general Mill Road community and customers.


Not forgetting of course the Larder family. What a bunch, I wouldn’t change them for the world. A massive thank you to the current team and to those that have been involved along the way. Their work ethic is above and beyond, they’ve kept me sane amidst the stresses and they never stop smiling, which is no small feat given the calibre of my humour! Cheers gang, none of this would have been possible without you.


Thank you so many for visiting the Larder, we’ve loved serving you and hope to see you again soon. Here’s to the year ahead it promises to be fun.